Terms & Conditions

The following General Conditions of Business regulate the contractual relationships between users and contractual parties (hereafter “Customer” or “you”, each ) as well as the associated agreements between the parties. IAmProfile and Customer are individually referred to herein as a “Party”, and collectively as the “Parties”.
Additional identification and the details registered in the commercial register of business names and corporate entities as well as the name of an authorized person responsible for the business of IAmProfile, can be obtained from the disclaimer on the IAmProfile website.

Art. 1 Subject matter of the user agreements and generalities

1) The IAmProfile website is a tool to create and manage IAmProfile. The services provided on the website enable companies and marketers to create custom QR code campaigns, organize them and track their success.

2) IAmProfile provides an user-friendly content management system to edit and create QR codes.

3) IAmProfile operates as a ‘self-service solution’ whereby the content of the QR codes are created and serviced completely, or to a great extent, by the user him-, her-, or it -self.

4) The description of the services of IAmProfile, shown in the ‘description of services‘, are solely legally binding for the services provided, apart from these present GCBs. And, these can, under circumstances be concretized by additional indications in the agreements and in the invoices.